mobile masseuse and aromatherapist

Hi my name is Holly and I am a fully qualified, professional Masseuse and Aromatherapist based in Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire.

I offer a mobile holistic service with treatments including massage and aromatherapy to women in the Newark and surrounding Nottinghamshire area who are seeking a totally natural way of reducing stress and anxiety levels. I perform all of my treatments within the comfort of your own home, giving you the upmost relaxation to help you feel more revitalised both emotionally and physically.


my story so far

Throughout my life I have always struggled with stress and anxiety related issues. When I was just 21 I lost my mum to cancer which meant I had to take on the world without any female guidance – I felt totally alone. From the moment she passed my anxiety and stress levels increased and I found small everyday tasks like getting ready for work in the mornings emotionally demanding. People kept telling me “why don’t you exercise more” or ‘’try yoga” but it seemed that everything I tried didn’t work or just added to my anxiety.

It wasn’t until 2015 that I decided to change my life for the better. I had suffered quite a severe case of Bell’s palsy earlier in the year which had affected the nerves in my face making it hard for me to blink or swallow. The doctor diagnosed this as a stress related condition and signed me off work and recommended that I find a way to reduce my anxiety levels. It was then that my partner of 10 years suggested that I try holistic therapy.

I did some research and found online forums about different types of treatments and which then lead me to a professional mobile masseuse in my area – so I bit the bullet and booked in for a full body massage! I am quite a shy person so the thought of getting my clothes off in front of a total stranger scared the living daylights out of me. However, it gave me comfort knowing that this was a mobile service, so I was in the comfort of my own home and ‘in my own turf’ so to speak!

When the therapist arrived I instantly liked her – she was friendly, professional and made me feel completely at ease. After the massage I felt at total bliss physically and emotionally and I knew in that instant this was the right course of treatment for me. I continued my weekly treatment plan which incorporated aromatherapy oils with massage and after a few weeks my stress and anxiety levels had reduced significantly and I found I was finally able to enjoy life a little more. This then got me thinking about how rewarding a job of a therapist must be – to help others enjoy a balanced mental and physical wellbeing using completely natural methods.

From that moment on I spent every hour under the sun learning and studying. I enrolled at a College and studied for my Diploma in Aromatherapy as well as Anatomy & Physiology and then took my practical training in Massage Therapy at a holistic training school in the pretty seaside town of Hythe in Kent. From here the rest truly is history. After much hard work I became a professional masseuse and aromatherapist and am now extremely proud to say that I have been helping other ladies who have suffered with stress and anxiety as I once did.

Offering an array of treatments including aromatherapy and massage to help with relaxation, sleep and vitality my service allows you to enjoy the soothing and beneficial effects of holistic treatments within the comfort of your own home. I truly believe in the positive effects that come with any holistic treatment and can vouch first-hand for how well they work.

After many years of hard work and continual growth I am proud to offer my holistic treatments to any women out there struggling with stress and anxiety.

fully certified

official member

Being a member of the Guild of Beauty Therapists means I have been recognised as a beauty professional and have also adhered to the relevant training requirements expected in the trade.

fully insured

Being insured with Hiscox Insurance means I can offer all of my holistic services with the safety of being covered for public liability of up to £6 million, giving added piece of mind for both myself and my clients.



I have spent much time training and studying in order to give the best possible service to my clients and believe that I am confident enough to help any lady with their physical and emotional issues through the natural methods of aromatherapy and massage.

aromatherapy level 3

Here I learnt about the holistic healing properties of plant extracts and essential oils and how they are good for cleansing the mind, body and spirit.

body massage

This practical training has enabled me to learn all of the techniques associated with giving a relaxing and therapeutic body massage from consultation through to aftercare.

anatomy and physiology

This diploma has given me an understanding of all aspects of the human body and its associated structures.

facial course & pregnancy massage

I am fully qualified in the safe techniques used for pregnancy massage and also in the treatment of facials for all clients.


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