express boost massage

There is nothing more beneficial to your mind, body and soul than a quick 30 minute express boost massage. This massage aims to cover all of the main areas of the body including neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs giving you a quick boost of vitality and relaxation in the comfort of your own home.


the benefits of an express boost massage

boosts the immune system

The rhythmic motion of massage techniques will instantly help increase blood circulation around your body which naturally helps the body speed up the transportation of vital assets to combat illness and fatigue.

reduces stress

Taking just 30 minutes out of a busy lifestyle to be pampered is more than enough to reduce stress and anxiety levels, which in-turn will give you a new lease of life and give you the vitality to take on the world!

increases flexibility and range of motion

The express boost massage focuses on the key areas of the body including neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs which will help get rid of aches and pains whilst loosening tight muscles in order to help your flexibility and range of motion.

regulates blood pressure

Research consistently shows that the rhythmic techniques of a professional massage, along with the sheer tranquility of being still and naturally deep breathing all help with regulating blood pressure and getting it to a much more natural state.

reduces pain and stiffness

By focusing on the key areas of the body, the express boost massage is ideal for anyone who is feeling soreness, pain or stiffness in the legs, arms, back, shoulders or neck. Massage techniques naturally loosen tight muscles and help with the repair of deep tissue damage, ensuring you feel revitalised and assisting with any pain and stiffness you may be feeling.

price guide

single treatment

£3000per session

6 week package


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