frequently asked questions

Below is a list of all the frequent questions customers ask me when first having their treatments. I hope these answer some of your own questions but please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

what areas of Newark, Nottinghamshire do you cover?

I’m based in Ollerton, Newark and offer a mobile massage service so am happy to travel to all areas of Newark and the surrounding areas of Nottinghamshire. Please note that any treatments outside of the Newark area will be subject to an additional £5 charge to cover the extra mileage.

what will i need on the day of treatment?

All you need for the treatment is to ensure you have a nice quiet room which is large enough to setup the massage table (70cm width x 184cm length). I also recommend that the room is free from distractions so the experience is as peaceful as possible. Everything else is in regards to oils, towels and massage table etc are provided by myself.

will i have to take all my clothes off?

This is a very common question and the answer really depends on how comfortable you are personally and which treatment you are having. Firstly I can assure you under no circumstance will you be asked to anything you are uncomfortable with. Whatever the level of undress, you will always be covered with a towel and I will leave the room whilst you undress. Ideally if commencing a full body massage you will need to undress to your underwear and for a shoulders, back and neck massage you will to remove your upper-top level of clothing.

what products do you use?

Whichever treatment you choose, I only use 100% natural essential oils. This ensures all products being used on your skin are free-from any additives and unnatural chemicals.

can i have a treatment if i have an allergy?

This will be assessed in your initial consultation where you will need to make me aware of any allergies you have. Depending on the type and severity I will ensure your treatment plan is altered accordingly.

what health issues do i need to make you aware of?

Again, this will be assessed in your initial consultation and I will require you to inform me of all medical issues including family history, current medication, allergies and illnesses. In certain circumstances I will require a doctor’s note of approval for the commencement of holistic therapy and there may be very rare occasions where I am simply unable to offer you any services.

how do i book a treatment?

You can book your treatment online via the booking page or via telephone on 07716 124033 which can be done through a phonecall or even just a text message.

what times and days do you offer treatments?

I offer my services 7 days a week between the hours of 7am and 9pm. This ensures you are able to have your treatment before or after work if you have a busy lifestyle.

what payment methods do you use?

You can pay online where I will send you a simple PayPal link which allows you to pay via debit/credit card or with your own PayPal Account. Alternatively you can simply pay me via BACS transfer and I will provide you with the details. Either of these payment methods must be received before your treatment day. Or you can simply pay in cash on the day of your treatment.

do i need to pay for your travel costs?

If your treatment is taking place within the Newark, Nottinghamshire area then travel is free. If you are based outside of the Newark, Nottinghamshire area then mileage is simply charged at an additional £5 fee.

what if i need to cancel my treatment?

If you need to cancel your treatment for whatever reason then simply call, email or text me to confirm the cancellation. Please note cancellations must be made 24hours before your treatment day.

do you offer wedding packages?

Yes I certainly do! Package prices vary depending on how large the bridal group is requiring treatments, but please bear in mind in regards to time that it’s just myself doing the treatments. Please contact me for further information.

do you offer work packages?

Yes I certainly do! Again, package prices vary depending on how large the work group is requiring treatments and what treatment you would like to offer your workforce. Please contact me for further information.

do you offer your services to men?

Unfortunately I do not offer any of my massage or aromatherapy treatments to men as I specialise in holistic therapy for women only.

is pregnancy massage safe?

Yes, pregnancy massage is safe and studies have indicated that massage therapy performed during pregnancy reduces anxiety, depression whilst relieving muscle aches and joint pains.

at what stage of my pregnancy can i receive treatment?

Treatment is recommended during the second and third trimester (14-40 weeks)

how will i be positioned during a pregnancy massage?

You will be asked to lay on your side, propped up by comfy cushioning designed for maternity and then turn onto your other side half way through the treatment.

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