corporate massage in nottinghamshire

Office massage is a relaxing, therapeutic experience specifically designed for the workplace. Massage in the workplace can significantly decrease stress within the work force as well as increase energy and motivation.

I can travel to most offices within the Nottinghamshire area which include: Newark, Mansfield, Nottingham, Retford, Worksop, Southwell, Chesterfield & Surrounding areas.

Office Massage in Nottinghamshire

the benefits of an office massage

relieves muscle tension

Massage can alleviate muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulder area and can relieve individuals of any discomfort caused by sitting for long periods of time in an office chair.

improve concentration levels

By taking 10 minutes out of a busy work day, staff can spend that time relaxing and de-stressing with a soothing massage. This short break has shown to increase productivity and employee retention.

helps mental health in the workplace

Due to its calming nature, office massage can decrease anxiety, stress and depression levels for staff members. It can also help alleviate headaches caused by excessive screen use and aid in detoxing the body.

boosts staff morale

By offering office massage in your establishment you are showing your staff that you care about their health and wellbeing. This in turn lifts their spirits and boosts morale, leaving you with a happy, content working environment.

how it works

Office massage is carried out with the clients either at their desk or in a private dedicated room. The staff will be fully clothed during the treatment and I will work on the shoulders, neck and back to give a massage that increases the flow of energy within the body. A typical massage (depending on the staff numbers) can be anywhere between 10-20 minutes. I also like to offer a hand massage as an alternative treatment (just so there is an option to suit all!)

From my experience, companies and employees benefit more from having office massage fortnightly/monthly rather than weekly, and in return the company has a more energised, motivated and productive workforce (and of course less stressed!)

office treatments

back, neck and shoulder massage

A relaxing massage focusing on the upper body to relieve muscle tension and stiffness. This treatment can be received either directly at the desk or in a designated private room/area depending on the individuals preference.

hand reflexology massage

A soothing hand massage which focuses on pressure points for the relief of stress and tension. This treatment can be performed at the individuals desk or in a private room.

price guide

per hour


all day (8hours)


If you would like a monthly or fort-nightly subscription service then please feel free contact me to discuss as I can offer bespoke packages which can accommodate all types of workplace requirement.

Please note: A mileage fee of 0.45p per mile may be applied to treatment total if location travelled is outside a 20 mile radius from Ollerton, Newark.

Offices I currently work with

I have been lucky enough to have worked with some fantastic companies in the Newark, Nottinghamshire area and here are a list of some of the companies I currently provide office massage for:

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