Foot Massage Benefits

The benefits to massaging the feet can sometimes be overlooked. Why? Simply because our feet are generally left behind, unappreciated and a lot less important to us than say achy shoulders or spines. But when you really think about it, the feet are the most important part of the body because they hold our entire weight every day – so why shouldn’t we be looking after them more right? Recent studies have shown that regular foot massage alongside reflexology can hold many benefits both physically and psychologically and regular treatments are found to help with the following:

Improved Circulation:

Massage essentially forces blood to flow around the body at a faster rate than usual. This allows for vitamins, water and oxygen to be transferred around the body at a far quicker rate than normal providing your body with a burst of beneficial properties whilst kickstarting and improving natural circulation.

Stress Therapy

This is a big one. Massage is the best natural form of stress therapy treatment simply because it forces you to escape your busy lifestyle! Our lives are so hectic these days and taking an hour off isn’t always possible, with massage you can take that much needed time off to unwind mentally and physically.

Relief of tissue aches and pains

Using specific massage technique to relieve pain from achy or painful foot muscle tissues is one of the most beneficial qualities. It can help relieve built up tension in the ankle and toes and even help drain a build up of fluid.

Improves Mood

Everybody knows that a good foot massage can improve mood, especially if you have a job which requires you to stand for long periods of time! Studies have even showed that there are certain parts of the feet which are helpful in alleviating depression symptoms and these points (if pressure is applied) can really improve the mood of the individual.

Alleviates Swelling

If you have been suffering with swelling around the feet or ankles then a good massage can help sooth the symptoms.