With the summer season in full swing and the 2-4-1 offers on sun creams and after sun lotions fill our supermarket shelves, it is no surprise that the use of natural, herbal remedies to treat sunburn are overlooked.

After spending years myself using store bought after-sun products which ‘claim’ to be natural (which in fact are nothing more than a concoction of harmful chemicals that do nothing but damage the skin as opposed to healing it) I have come to realize that the best thing we can do for our sunburned skin is to keep the remedy completely natural. 🙂

Therefore I have found through my aromatherapy experience, that there are a number of natural essential oils that can be combined to make the perfect after sun lotion, which not only works wonders to quickly heal the skin but smells great too!

Personally, these are my two favorite essential oils for treating sunburn:

Lavender Oil – Often forgotten about, Lavender oil is the best natural remedy for treating burn wounds. Its antimicrobial properties speed up the healing process and allow the body to recover at a faster rate – making it great for reducing skin redness and scars!

Peppermint Oil – Peppermint Oil is a natural analgesic and a well-known pain relief agent. It provides a cooling sensation once applied to the skin and is also great for easing headaches – so if you are suffering with sunstroke then this oil packs a double whammy!

Ideally, the best thing would be to combine these two essential oils together into some Coconut oil or Aloe Vera Juice and then use as a body moisturizer. However, if you can only get your hands on one of the above essential oils then I would recommend the peppermint simply because its cooling sensation abilities are amazing and really do help you through the pain.

Other essential oils you can use for sunburn are:

Geranium – reduces inflammation
Chamomile – natural antiseptic & anti-inflammatory
Tea tree – natural antiseptic

Tip: Combine all three of these with Coconut Oil and you have yourself a completely natural all in one after sun moisturizer!

So overall, it’s kind of down to personal preference on which oils you would like to use. They are essentially all doing the same thing; just one may tickle your fancy more in terms of smell and texture than the other.